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Where Keith Code of CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL fame shares his expertise and insight with you. Keith’s research and development of new and useful riding techniques and exercises is really quite amazing; he’s constantly trying new approaches to rider training and coaching at the Superbike School sessions and is always interested in the problems people have in achieving their riding goals.

“Having the world’s best organized and most professional school is our goal. But having our students leave with a better understanding of the cornering process, fewer uncertainties about it and a good measure of their confidence restored, is our day to day focus – it’s also the standard by which we judge our own performance.”

Keith Code, Founder


Keith didn’t just write a few books and then leave us to our own devices to work it all out. He formulated a step-by-step sequential program combining these theoretical principles with practical application for the purpose of training. And there you have it, the CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL was established and now over thirty years later, it is the number one technique oriented riding school.

Whichever of our four levels you are attending, everyone is geared to help. Throughout the day your assigned coach will follow you and observe each aspect of your riding. For immediate feedback, specific hand signals are given to you by your coach whilst on the track or pull off with you to give feedback. You coach will also lead you to demonstrate techniques and debrief you after every ride. All our off-track and course control personnel also know which drill you are working on and every member of staff is focused on your improvement. You will improve!


In January 1996 Keith Code arrived in Australia, bringing his globally successful CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL program with him.  The CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL has a bulletproof, step by step method for training riders in the exact skills of cornering motorcycles. We are not famous racers or great businessmen but we’ve become recognised worldwide, on four continents, because our system of training works and riders benefit from it.

Each of our many riding discoveries over the past three decades cleanly and effectively shatters the targeted barrier or the uncertainty riders experience in their cornering. The Superbike School’s program has matured and become integrated based on the experiences of real riders and their countless successes at overcoming their uncertainties, replacing them with skill and the real rush they’ve always wanted.


The Greek branch was founded in 2005. Our school seminars are held in English by a qualified seminarist (from the UK branch) and there is a certified translator in Greek for the Greek students.

All of our Team, both on and off track, is qualified and have substantial international experience. All of our on-track coaches speak fluent English and they continuously push to get the best results out from our students.  Our goal is to provide you the safest environment for learning our riding techniques.

Each Level covers extensively a specific area in riding technique and needs on day to complete. Everyone starts from Level I regardless their experience or skills.  Each skill builds upon the last and creates a complete package of control and confidence.  We are dedicated to your improvement; we are professionals; we will ensure you learn the skills. Take a look at what we do, then check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.



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