THE SCHOOL / What You Need

What you need to have with you…

  • A willingness to learn
  • Your riding kit: One or Two piece (zip all the way round) leathers, full faced crash helmet, leather gloves, motorcycle boots. For participating on the School Day you may use a textile (Cordura) suit with the requirement that you also have elbow and knee protection and that the jacket and pants zip together.
  • Your driving license for the type of motorcycle you will attend the School or a valid race license
  • Your motorcycle in Good Condition.

What we mean with the term “motorcycle in Good Condition”

To participate in a CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL your bike will need to pass some basic scrutinizing checks. See the list below for items which will be scrutinized on the day of your event.

  • All treaded tires must have a minimum of 2mm tread depth above the wear indicator at the beginning of the day – this includes centre as well as sides. If subsequent inspection during the day shows the tire to be on or below the tread depth indicator access to the track may be denied;
  • Slick tires can be used on a dry track only. Access may be denied if the track is deemed unsuitable for slick tires;
  • Front and rear brake pads must be deemed to have suitable material to complete a day at the racetrack;
  • Front and rear brake lines must be secured correctly and must not leak or weep fluid;
  • Front & rear brakes must operate correctly upon testing without any signs of leaking or weeping fluid;
  • There must be no evidence of oil leaks or weeps of any kind;
  • Fairings must be secured correctly (no race tape!);
  • Any damage to fairings must not have sharp or jagged edges, or in any way be deemed a potential threat to any rider;
  • Foot pegs and mounting brackets must be secured and aligned correctly;
  • Throttles must snap back to the off position when released;
  • There must be no evidence of fuel leaks of any kind;
  • A chain guard as per the manufacturers specification must be securely fitted.



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