• Yes, no problem. Gift Vouchers come in a gift-able pack and can be purchased for €290. Vouchers can be redeemed against any of our school dates.

    Please call the office for further details on +40 768 191 558. Gift Vouchers have a usable life of 12 months from date of purchase after which date the voucher lapses. No refund will be given under any circumstances.

  • Provided that the date change request is made at least 14 days earlier than the booked date, you can change your reservation.

  • Provided it is more than 14 days out from your booked event you can cancel your booking and obtain a refund, less a processing fee of 10 euro. If it is less than 7 days to your booked event no refunds will be given. We can move your reservation for another date within the 8 months following the original reservation. You may sell your position to another rider and notify us of the rider change. A reservation change is allowed only once for every person.


  • Yes, everyone does. This is not a reflection of your ability or experience, it’s just how the School is structured. Level One is the starting point for the techniques that we teach and all subsequent Levels build on the essential skills you’ll learn at Level One.

  • Level One is for anyone that has a licence. If you can let the clutch out without stalling (most of the time) and do the basic control actions on the bike, you’re ready for Level One. Although all riders start at Level One, where possible we try our best to put you in a group of similarly skilled riders so the difference between the fastest and slowest in the group is as small as possible.

  • Even if you only ever come and complete a Level One with us and never come back again we know you’ll be a much more confident, more educated cornering rider! However, each Level of the California Superbike School presents five precise technical riding skills, bringing together a complete package of control and confidence – providing you with skills for life. It is a continuous journey of refinement and improvement and when one area improves, often other areas need to catch up. There is always room for improvement!

  • Absolutely not! We don’t impose a maximum age limit at our school, all we ask, whatever your age, is that you have a full bike licence and a willingness to listen, learn and make improvements to your riding.




  • The amount of fuel you use is dependent on the way you ride. As a minimum you should arrive at the track with a full tank. If possible you can bring a jerry can of extra fuel to be on the safe side.


  • If it rains… we get wet! The drills are just as applicable in the wet as they are in the dry and whatever weather we get on the day is the weather you learn to apply the skills in. We ride, rain or shine.


  • One or Two piece (zip all the way round) leathers, full faced crash helmet, leather gloves, motorcycle boots. For participating on the School Day you may use a textile (Cordura) suit with the requirement that you also have elbow and knee protection and that the jacket and pants zip together.

  • If getting your knee down is your goal, the safest way to go about achieving that is by having your riding fundamentals in place. In other words, understanding and applying the riding technology covered in Level One is the way to make sure it’s your knee that scrapes the ground, and not the rest of your bike. Some people get their knee down, some don’t. Some have done it a thousand times already, and some don’t want to! Whichever category you fall into, the Superbike School will get you moving forward with your riding.

  • All riders must wear the following equipment in order to take part in the California Superbike School:
    Full-faced motorcycle helmet in good condition. Helmets must be worn and securely fastened at all times when riding. Flip-up type helmets are allowed but they must be in the down position when riding on track.

    Leathers in good condition – all leathers must be either a one piece or two-piece suit with a zip all the way around the middle (minimum hip to hip) with no skin visible. We recommend that all riders also wear additional back protection but this is not essential. For participating on the School Day you may use a textile (Cordura) suit with the requirement that you also have elbow and knee protection and that the jacket and pants zip together.

    Motorcycle boots (sorry, no lace-up Docs or similar!)
    Leather motorcycle gloves which must fully cover the wrist.


  • CSS does not require you to have insurance cover in place on the school days. However, whilst accidents at the school are rare, by using your bike on track you do so at your own risk.

    Although CSS has extensive public liability insurance cover, it is entirely your choice as to whether you arrange insurance to cover damage to your vehicle. It is unlikely that your normal bike insurance policy will cover you for a track event but you should check with your insurer. If you explain that the event is a training day and totally non-competitive, they may extend your cover for an additional charge.



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